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    Chainflow Drag Chain Conveyors. The hygienic, heavy-duty, totally enclosed, dust-free Chainflow tubular drag chain conveyor economically conveys dry, hot or cold, powders and granules, particularly fragile materials and a wide variety of chemicals and plastics. Scroll Down.

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    Industrial Kinetics manufactures drag chain conveyors using a variety of frame and chain combinations in order to provide the appropriate conveyor for the application specific requirements including the budget. Our chain conveyors can be categorized by application or chain size. Request a quote today!

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    Dec 04, 2018· Drag conveyors have traditionally been designed with the chain running on the floor of the conveyor (single-chain conveyors) and the paddles dragging on the floor and walls (single- and twin-chain conveyors). As these components run over the conveyor floor and walls, the floor and walls (and paddles and chains) wear.

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    Choose from our selection of drag conveyor chain, including over 450 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship.

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    Drag chain conveyors are the most effective way to move or elevate bulk material and transfer it from point to point. The design, layout configurations, service duty rating, size of the drive, and type of chain and flight assembly are all components that make a significant difference on the quality, durability and longevity of any given drag conveyor.

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    Chain Conveyors. Whether you're receiving through harvest or loading out to meet a delivery commitment, you must be able to move your grain gently and efficiently. GSI's conveyors are hard at work on farms, grain elevators, and in processing plants across the world. Our durable construction and heavy duty designs meets your demands.

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    Drag Chain Conveyor Systems. ProcessBarron's inclined drag conveyors are ideal conveying mechanisms when a change in elevation is required. Available with single or multiple chain strands, drag chain conveyors are designed to pull materials like coal, wood, TDF, lime and other materials vertically while still working to maintain particle integrity.

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    Hytrol's drag chain conveyors are designed to transport pallets and other heavy duty loads. Products Catalog Transport Accumulation Sortation Pallet Handling Portables Software Accessories Industries e-Commerce Parcel Pharmaceutical Food & Beverage Manufacturing Warehouse and Distribution. Contact ...

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    Pallet Conveyors and Drag Chain Conveyors. American Conveyor group, Inc., has a full line of standard pallet conveyors or we can custom design a pallet conveyor system that will meet your manufacturing, warehousing or distribution needs.

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    Our Drag Chain Conveyors are compact, totally enclosed conveyors that provide low product degradation, along with high capacity, in heavy duty application which requires continuous operation. These can convey different kinds of materials including those that may be fragile, easily segregated or high on moisture content. Application Areas:

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    Drag Chain Conveyors. Sudenga Max Commercial Drag Conveyors (or En-masse Conveyors) offer high capacities and require relatively low horsepower and minimal long term maintenance.Horizontal or incline models offer standard capacities to 30,000 bushels per hour. Capacities above 30,000 bushels per hour are quoted to spec.

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    MSCC - Medium Duty Chain. Model MSCC, multi-strand chain conveyor, is a drag chain conveyor typically used for pallets with bottom configurations not conveyable on roller conveyors. Its design is suitable for extreme environments because of the low number of moving component parts and limited amount of required maintenance.View Model Page

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    Drag chain conveyors consist of heavy gauge formed chain rails with a welded steel frame, UHMW wear strips and adjustable heavy-duty structural steel supports, our conveyor can withstand the daily demands of a tough environment. Standard speeds are 30, 45 and 60 FPM.

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    Hytrol Model DC-82 Dual Strand Heavy-Duty Drag Chain Conveyor . Hytrol Model DC-83 Triple Strand Drag Chain Conveyor . Hytrol DCEZ-60 Dual Strand Zoned Accumulating Drag Chain Conveyor . Hytrol DCEZ-63 Triple Strand Zoned Accumulating Drag Chain Conveyor ...

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    How it works. A dry drag chain conveyor is applied to precipitators, fabric filters, boiler hoppers or cyclones for the collection of fly ash. It moves material 8 to 12 feet per minute to a storage location and/or disposal location and can have up to a 35 degree incline.

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    Drag Conveyors DRAG CONVEYORS PAGE ... Double Chain Tail for MSD Drag Special Tail Section with Spring Take-up and Relief Door Submerged Drag being loaded Super Duty Capacity Series FPM 1 100 FPM 125 FPM 150 FPM 200 FPM CFH CFH CFH CFH CFH MSD 3024 168 .75 …

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    Titan Industries Model 670 drag chain conveyor is ideal for handling fine chips, or sludge. Various configurations, lengths, and belt widths are available in this model.

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    Apr 29, 2016· The En-Masse drag conveyor is not limited to conveying En-Masse, there are many applications where the bulk solids capacity that is required or the conveyor configuration isn't practical, but in a lot of these cases the single chain strand with skeletal flights is a very good and reliable solution for conveying needs.

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    Which drag conveyors are best? Should I go with a tubular chain drag conveyor or a tubular cable drag conveyor?If those questions are on your mind, we can help. At Spiroflow, we have more than 45 years of experience in the dry bulk material handling industry and we make both types of drag conveyors.

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    Apr 22, 2013· drag-chain-conveyor used in Mills. In-floor chain conveyor (E'tow) crossdocking system at Koch International Osnabrück by Dematic NV - Duration: 4:01. Dematic NV - previously Egemin Automation ...

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    Well maintained drag chain conveyors offer many advantages to manufacturers. First, their total enclosure ensures dust and contaminant-free handling, which promotes worker health and wellbeing. Second, drag chain conveyors are the only industrial conveyors on …

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    Distributor of drag chain conveyors for handling pallets. Drag chain conveyors are available with accumulation modules and zero back pressure reducing the possibility of collision that may result in product damage. 24/7 conveyor repair and 24 hour shipping services are also available.

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    Industrial Conveyor Systems | Drag Chain Conveyors. Drag chain conveyors have an endless chain with feed dogs (cross ribs) which runs in a closed trough. This …

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    Chain conveyors made to handle severe-duty, highly abrasive, metal chips, fines and swarf. Transfer and elevate the most difficult and abrasive wet or dry metal chips, fines, swarf, die scrap and other materials with this rugged, chain driven, liquid-tight conveyor. Every part of this rugged chain driven conveyor is designed for severe duty.

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    Nov 16, 2018· The chain is a major component in a drag conveyor's design, and it's as crucial to the conveyor's performance as any other component. Drag conveyor chains are hardly ubiquitous, however, and each manufacturer touts the working load or construction or design of their chain.

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    Tubular Chain Conveyor Merits. Luxme link chain design acts as a universal joint during product conveying and can turn in multiple directions and planes. It has a heavy duty construction. The variable chain speed – 4 ft./min. to 90+ ft./min. – contributes to minimal product degradation while maximizing throughput and equipment life.

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    Versatility Meets Durability in Hapman Tubular Drag Conveyors. Convey product in a completely sealed system. The sprocket drive in our tubular drag conveyors slowly pulls a heavy-duty chain through a fully enclosed pipe. As the chain moves your material through the pipe there is no chance for dusting, explosions or contamination issues.

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    Hytrol's heavy-duty drag chain conveyors come with 2 and 3 strand drag chain options and are ideal for large load and pallet handling.

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    Drag Chain Conveyors. Drag chain conveyors are a type of industrial conveyor, specially designed to prevent dust generated by the transportation of material from entering the air. To achieve this end, drag chain conveyors are fully enclosed. This conveyor also features a chain or cable, a long pipe and discs, also known as "pucks."

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    Dec 03, 2014· Chain conveyor is intended for loose and pebble materials. Chain conveyor is offered in a construction design for conveying of material in horizontal and also vertical directions with the ...