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    With the wider ball a lead ring shaves off the ball when it's forced it into the smaller diameter chamber. What you end up with is a waterproof, flash-proof chamber. Round balls are available as either cast or swaged. 0 buckshot measures about .320 inch in diameter and makes for an excellent ball for a .31-caliber cap and ball revolver.

  • European (conical taper) vs Pro Taper (straight taper ...

    European (conical taper) vs Pro Taper ... or a European taper (conical taper) have a different effect on the player's ability to shoot the cue ball (even a small amount), straighter? Can a straight taper or a conical taper allow a player to put more or less English on the cue ball, (even a small amount). If …

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    Description. The inner and outer ring raceways are segments of cones and the rollers are tapered so that the conical surfaces of the raceways, and the roller axes, if projected, would all meet at a common point on the main axis of the bearing. This geometry makes the motion of the cones remain coaxial, with no sliding motion between the raceways and the OD of the rollers.

  • VWVortex.com - determining ball or conical bolt type

    Jan 15, 2008· I know OEM wheels use a ball seat lug nuts. How can I tell which type I need for an aftermarket wheel? I have a set of 18x8 ALT Tangents. I used my OEM lugs on my Borbet Type E 17x8 wheels fine. I would think that you need a ball seat if the hole in the wheel is flate and a conical seat if the hole in the wheel is angled. Also need to know this for when I buy spacers.

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    Oct 18, 2013· I'm just wondering, the factory ball seat bolts fit fine on stock wheels but I'm running steelies.. With my wheel spacers I need all new bolts, wasnt sure if for plain black steelies, if ball seat is still the best option, or if conical is better because it will work with my aftermarket wheels in summer.,,,

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    Dec 03, 2015· Maxi ball are excellent conical bullets. The maxi hunter I never liked. I tried them with a lot of powder and never got the accuracy out of them for hunting that I demand. Another conical that shoots good at moderate range is the REAL conical bullets. In the .50 they come in a 280 and 320 grain. I normally shoot .54 caliber when traditional.


    The 10-grain heavier Lee REAL bullet shot extremely well out of the 1-in-48 twist Hawken bore. Even with 80 grains of GOEX FFFg black powder, shooting the open factory sights on the rifle, I found that I could consistently keep hits inside of 3 inches at 100 yards.The best I had gotten with the 240-grain Maxi-Ball had been more like 4 1/2-inches at a hundred yards.

  • Black Powder Conical Cap And Ball - Lee Precision

    Black Powder Conical Cap And Ball. Double cavity, Conical Bullet Mold for black powder revolvers A super accurate bullet that is easy to load straight and true. Two lube grooves prevent flash ignition and lead fouling. More energy and far greater accuracy than round balls.

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    For the best fine-tip gel pens around, we need to look to Japan. Here in North America, a 0.5 mm gel pen is considered fine or even extra fine. But in Japan, fine-tip gel pens range from 0.4 mm all the way down to 0.25 mm. 0.5 mm doesn't even make the cut.

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    Several side hammer round ball guns are available in .54 caliber including the excellent Lyman Deerslayer, Traditions Woodsman, Cabela's Sporterized Hawken and several other traditional "Hawken" style rifles. With 1:48" rifling an inline such as the Traditions Evolution .54 effectively handles everything from round ball and conical to sabot loads.

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    Watching Mike Beliveau three part video I came away with more questions than anwsers.He tested a lee mold round ball, a Lee .220 conical & some other conical of a undisclosed mold maker. The Army c&b revolver was a Uberti.Now for my confusion?The Lee .220 conical was designed for the ruger.It has a dia of .456 I think.The normal Lee .200 grain conicals are .450.

  • How does rifling affect round ball shots verses a conical ...

    Jul 25, 2017· They two different shapes react very differently. A round ball will not expand like a conical ball when fired. That, alone with it's shape, results in minimal contact with the rifling grooves. The purpose of creating spin with rifling is to stabil...

  • Patched Ball or Conical? | The High Road

    Dec 19, 2013· I'd also vote for patched round ball (PRB). It's far cheaper, and does more than well enough for medium game out to about 125 yds. Being .50 cal I'd opt for 3F powder as it's a little more energetic and typically seems to burn a little bit cleaner. .50 cal is typically considered at the wayward point of using 3 or 2F it seems.

  • Revolvers: which was used more often: Conical or Round Balls

    Jul 30, 2010· Does anyone have any facts, figures or just general rumors about revolver bullets used in civil war battles? My question is this....was one or the other preferred by either side? and any idea what the ratio was of conical vs. round ball usage? At this point even a S.W.A.G. would be a good starting point (SWAG is sniper jargon for a Scientific Wild A** Guess) Thanks!

  • conical versus ellipticals- Vinyl Engine

    Aug 26, 2009· conical versus ellipticals. Post by midfi » 23 Aug 2009 07:09 ... Compare a ball with a cylinder of the same mass. ... (0.7) vs the width of a spherical or conical at the equivalent contact place? Probably close, for most modern styli. Not sure I understand, . The major radius of eliptical is not so different from that of a spherical, so from ...

  • 5 Best cap and ball black powder revolvers ever made

    The lack of recoil accompanying 25 grains of powder over an 80 grain ball or 130-40 grain conical bullet of .375-.380 diameter is astounding, though it is more than a step up from the little 31 ...

  • Conical vs Pro tapers (Or OB-2 vs 314-2) - AzBilliards.com

    Conical vs Pro tapers (Or OB-2 vs 314-2) Main Forum. I've noticed my pocketing is considerably better with my OB-2 (which is really a combined conical/pro taper) than with my 314-2 or Z-2 for that matter.

  • Round Ball, Conical or Sabot? | Big Game Hunt

    Jan 26, 2007· Round Ball, Conical or Sabot? I use a conical in my .54 caliber Lyman Great Plains Hunter. I chose that mainly because I liked the improved ballistics and because I wanted something big enough to thump a moose if/when I finally draw a tag here in Colorado.

  • Conical Ball Mills VS Chilean Pan Mills

    Conical Ball Mills VS Chilean Pan Mills. View Larger Image; In view of the prominence which the conical mill has attained in the fine-crushing field within the few years since its introduction, the following comparison with its more mature forerunner, the Chilean mill, based on extensive tests, is submitted in the interest of the milling ...

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    Nov 11, 2018· The future of live TV with 60+ channels. No cable box required. Cancel anytime.

  • Conical Ball Mills Benefits & Advantages: Hardinge

    Metallurgical ContentWorking Theory of the Hardinge Conical Ball MillWORKING PRINCIPLE inside the Hardinge BALL MILLConical Type VS Compartment Type Ball MillsHardinge Conical Ball Mill Replacement Liners The generally recognized fact that for economic reduction of any material, it is desirable to perform such reduction in steps or stages, removing that material which is sufficiently fine …

  • VWVortex.com - Lug Bolts; Conical Seat vs Ball Seat

    Mar 01, 2012· Im looking to buy spacers for my .:R using the stock wheels. I know to get longer lug bolts but do the stock wheels use ball seat or conical seat? I was going to pull one off my car but it's pretty nasty outside right now and I'm not very patient when I'm …

  • Bullets and Ball-ets for muzzle loading guns - Track of ...

    Bullets and Ball-ets for muzzle loading guns Track's traditional MINIE bullets, named after French Captain Minie, are Civil War era designs to meet NSSA rules. Use a modest load, a 60 grain Service load in .58 caliber. Excess pressure may flare the skirt on exit! Early editions of "Lyman's Black Powder Handbook" show such bullets in flight.

  • Which is more accurate, round ball or conical? | The High Road

    May 16, 2008· It comes down to wether you want to shoot round or conical. If the barrel is good quality it will shoot the bullet accurately. The original bp target muzzle loaders were round ball and latter the conical became more popular due to the higher bc of the projectile.

  • Difference between cone seat & ball seat lug bolts & nuts ...

    Feb 16, 2012· In this segment we will show and explain the difference between cone (taper) seat and ball (radius) seat wheel fasteners.

  • Conical Versus Round Ball Exit Shapes - Shooters Forum

    Dec 21, 2011· Conical Versus Round Ball Exit Shapes. ... Too much pressure can blow the skirt open on a hollow base conical bullet, like a Minie Ball, as it exits, and that creates a lot of extra drag. If you don't have enough pressure to cause any deformation, a hollow skirt may not expand to engage rifling. If it is low enough, little to no deformation ...

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    Original cap and ball revolver moulds cast both a round ball and a conical. The conical had a rebated base for attaching a paper tube containing powder to form a paper cartridge to expedite loading. My experience is that they usually print higher on target than a round ball.

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    The round ball advocates tell us that round lead balls out-penetrate lead pellets by a dramatic margin. A second concern has to be relative accuracy. We already know how accurate certain lead pellets are - if the round ball cannot keep pace with them, any extra penetration is a moot point. You have to hit what you shoot at, first of all.

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    We are big fans of the Blichmann brand.Their gas burners and brewing kettles are quite popular because they are well made and do the job they were designed to do. Much like their range of conical fermenters. The starting point is the seven-gallon conical fermenter, through to the 14.5 and the gutbuster of the 27 gallon unit. I imagine most home brewers generally go for the 7 gallon version but ...

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